All applications (PINS, CarAssistant, Fleet Manager Lite and Fleet Manager) communicate with the same server. By registering a new account in one of the above-mentioned systems, the User creates a universal account that allows logging in to each of them after purchasing the appropriate package.

Downloading the TREESAT PIN application

The Treesat Pins application in the Google Android version can be downloaded from the Google Play store, while the Apple iOS version from the Apple iTunes Store. Using the appropriate reader in the phone, use the links in the QR codes.

Click and go to the Google store.

Click and go to the App Store.

Use links in QR codes.

Use links in QR codes.


For proper operation of the application, a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) with the Google Android 4.0 or higher operating system or an Apple brand mobile device with the Apple iOS operating system version 9.0 or higher is necessary.